Aug 09 2019

Speelburg Releases “Million Air”

The Belgian-American Brighton, UK based artist Speelburg has released his charming new single “Million Air” that the Line of Best Fit, who premiered the track this week, has called “perfect millennial slice of wonky pop.” The song also received an early look from BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart who picked the song as this week’s “Chillest Record” getting plays from Taggart, Clara Amfo and Annie Mac. In the US, it also got played by Jason Kramer at KCRW. 

“Million Air” is the latest single to be released from a group of songs that Speelburg mastermind Noah Sacré has coined “pop music for important people” and are part of his forthcoming album, Character Actor. “Million Air” follows, ”Oxy Cotton Candy,” Speelburg’s twisted take on the “song of the summer” that was released in conjunction with an incredibly funny and bizarre video that channels the Lonely Island as if directed by Wes Anderson. The song was the BBC Introducing Track of the Day and was featured on Spotify’s NMF (UK). 

Watch “Oxy Cotton Candy”: HERE 

Like most of these new songs, the lyrics on “Million Air” are dripping with Sacré’s oddball sense of humor. The song opens with the mantra “everybody hates you, but they don’t like me either,” over a slow “Benny And The Jets” type beat. Sacré told the Line of Best Fit that he “wanted to write a love song that sounded like the feeling you get when you walk by first class, then business class, and then get to economy – like, this sux, but we’re in it together!” He went on to explain the theme of infatuation woven throughout the song and that “the springtime of any relationship is always daisies and birdsong and, though the real world may try to elbow its way in between, you’re just holding onto your bubble as tight as you can, for as long as you can. ” 

The song is filled with subtle and offbeat references to auklets, adorable little seabirds which have this weird mustache type of crown, to the television show Friends, that force the listener to really tune in, baiting them to listen just once more to make sure that they really did hear that lyric “got more divorces than four scores of Rosses” which references Ross Geller from Friends. Sacré also claims that for “Million Air” he was unconsciously doing his best Sufjan Stevens impression on the “there’s a cricket in the corner of my room” breakdown, which according to Sacré is “…….pretty coooooool.” 

“Speelburg…is a force to be reckoned with.” Pigeons & Planes 

Sacré, who has a deep love of cinema, directs produces and animates his own videos. With a name like Speelburg, Sacré has put a significant amount of pressure on himself and his creative output, in the hopes that someday he will live up to the name. 

Speelburg’s music has been championed by tastemakers such as Pigeons and Planes, Indie Shuffle, Clash Music, Vice, DIY Magazine, BBC Radio 1’s Phil Target, Annie Mac and Clara Amfo, KCRW’s Jason Kramer, Jason Bently, and Apple’s Zane Lowe. Speelburg will be spending the month of August on the west coast in the U.S. playing these new songs live at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles on August 14th (detail HERE) and at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on August 16th (details HERE) as part of New Alt. 105 DJ Aaron Axelsen’s Popscene.