It has been six years since the Belgian-American artist first released music under his solo moniker Speelburg, and with the release of his debut album Porsche, he’s brought the focus home. The time in-between has seen him explore the intersections of his creativity amidst songwriting for a range of high profile and undisclosable talent. Straddling this binary makes for an interesting study on the validity of celebrity and stardom vs the art itself. “The whole intersection of pop art and pop music, I think, is populist; it’s accessible to all, but I don’t just wanna write pop bangers,” Sacré explains. “I wanna write weird stuff that I’d want to listen to.”

Raised between Los Angeles, Brighton and the south of France, this nomadic, jet-setting aesthetic seems in keeping with his debut album Porsche, but in truth, that sentiment lies a lot closer to home. “When I was a kid I told my mom ‘when I’m big and famous I’m gonna drive you to the supermarket in a Porsche. Because mom’s not around anymore I figured naming it ‘Porsche’ is the next best thing.”

While Speelburg’s 2020 plans were put on hold due to Covid-19, he’s amassed an enormous following on Reddit, where he livestreams multiple times a week to hundreds of thousands of views. His streams have collectively garnered him over 2 million views on the platform and continue to grow every week. 2021 will see some very special releases from Speelburg as he gets ready to turn his direction toward his sophomore album.