Axel Mansoor

Axel Mansoor is a critically acclaimed musician known for his ability to instantly connect with others through his vulnerability and humor. His music has taken him from a Daytime Emmy nomination to award-winning collaborations and placements with brands like AT&T, McDonald’s, Lexus, and Facebook, your television screen as he performed a song for H.E.R. on NBC’s Songland, the #5 spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart, your phone’s home screen as the smiling face of the Clubhouse app icon, and to creating Lullaby Club where your favorite artists (John Mayer, Alaina Castillo, Matoma, The Plain White T’s) soothe the world through the power of music and vibe.

Axel Mansoor is co-managed by Bryan Mooney at Small Batch MGMT.